GFC Hair Treatment

For both men and women, experiencing hair loss can be upsetting since it affects self-esteem and general well-being. At our clinic, we are committed to assisting people in regaining their natural, healthy hair through cutting-edge procedures like GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) therapy as we are aware of the psychological and physical impacts of hair loss.

Dr. Sneha Kovi and our skilled staff have been at the forefront of hair restoration techniques. With our knowledge and commitment to providing individualized care, we strive to offer you the most efficient and personalized treatment plan to address your particular hair problems.

What is GFC hair treatment?

Growth Factor Concentrate therapy, also referred to as GFC hair treatment, is a cutting-edge non-surgical process created to promote hair growth and restore hair density. It is a ground-breaking procedure that stimulates hair follicles and encourages healthy hair growth by utilizing the regenerative properties of growth factors.

GFC hair treatment procedure

During GFC hair treatment we create a concentrated solution containing growth factors from the patient’s own blood. Platelets, which contain vital growth factors are abundant in this solution and cytokines necessary for tissue repair and regeneration, are also present. We carefully injected the prepared solution in the specific locations of your scalp where hair thinning or loss has occurred.

Growth factors in the GFC solution promote cell division, enhance blood flow, and wake up dead hair follicles. This procedure improves the overall density and thickness of the existing hair and also promotes the generation of new, healthy hair strands.

Doctor performing GFC hair treatment

Benefits of GFC treatment for hair

Promotes hair growth: GFC hair treatment is made to awaken dormant hair follicles and encourage hair growth. 

Reduces Hair Loss: GFC hair treatments can help minimize hair loss and lessen excessive hair shedding. 

Enhances Hair Quality: The GFC hair treatment enhances hair quality by stimulating hair growth as well. It can improve hair texture, add volume, and restore sheen and luster, giving hair a healthier appearance and greater vibrancy.

Safe and Minimally Invasive: GFC hair treatment is a minimally invasive, non-surgical process. 

Convenient and Quick process: GFC hair treatment can be done in a clinic environment and is a rather quick and convenient process. Each session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, allowing participants to quickly return to their normal routines.

What are the different hair conditions treated by GFC?

Androgenetic Alopecia (Male/Female Pattern Baldness): GFC hair therapy can awaken dormant hair follicles, encourage hair growth, and halt the progression of androgenetic alopecia. People with hair loss in its early stages or thinning hair will benefit the most from it.

Alopecia Areata: GFC hair therapy is proving to be effective in treating alopecia areata, a disorder that is characterized by patchy hair loss. 

Postpartum Hair Loss: Following childbirth, a lot of women have temporary hair loss. During this postpartum phase, GFC hair treatment can assist in restoring hair density and encourage healthy regeneration.

Hair Loss Caused by Nutritional Deficiencies: GFC hair therapy may be beneficial when hair loss is brought on by nutritional deficiencies. 

Aging-related hair loss: GFC hair treatments may be helpful for people whose hair is thinning or has less density due to aging. It improves the overall health and vitality of the scalp, stimulates the hair follicles, and encourages greater blood flow.

Recovery and Results

Normally, you can get back to your regular routine right away following a therapy session. It is wise to adhere to any particular post-treatment recommendations made by Dr. Sneha Kovi, which may include refraining for a few days from using extreme heat, harsh chemicals, or severe scalp manipulation.

It could take some time before the effects of the GFC hair treatment are apparent. It’s critical to realize that hair growth is a gradual process and that each person will react differently. While some people may see increases in their hair’s density, thickness, and quality within a few weeks, others might need more than one treatment session to see the desired effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GFC hair treatment painful?

The GFC hair treatment is typically painless and minimally invasive. To make the injection procedure more comfortable, local anesthesia may be given to the scalp. 

How many GFC hair treatment sessions are required?

Various factors, such as the degree of hair loss and the intended results, can affect an individual’s need for GFC hair treatment sessions, which can range from one to several.  A personalized treatment plan based on your unique requirements will be provided by Dr. Sneha Kovi after she has evaluated your condition.

Does the GFC hair treatment have any side effects?

GFC hair treatment is generally a safe procedure with very few adverse effects. At the injection locations, some individuals may see modest scalp redness, swelling, or slight bruising; however, these side effects typically go away within a few days. Rarely, patients may develop passing headaches or scalp discomfort; however, these symptoms usually go away on their own.

When should I anticipate seeing GFC hair treatment results?

Results from GFC hair treatments can differ from person to person. After a few treatments, patients may start to see improvements in hair quality, thickness, and growth. 

We encourage you to book a consultation with our knowledgeable staff if you are thinking about getting GFC hair treatment. To assist you in achieving your hair restoration objectives, we will evaluate your particular needs, thoroughly discuss the treatment, and develop a specialized strategy for you. Experience the GFC hair treatment’s transformational results to regain confidence in your appearance.