Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you sick of living with a tattoo that no longer represents you? You can get rid of undesired tattoos and reclaim clear, ink-free skin with the help of a safe and efficient procedure called laser tattoo removal. We provide advanced laser tattoo removal procedures that successfully erase tattoos of all shapes and colors.

How do we perform the procedure?

We have modern laser equipment that is intended exclusively for tattoo removal. We use Q-switched Nd: YAG lasers, which produce intense light beams that specifically target tattoo ink while protecting healthy skin nearby. The tattoo pigments can be broken down by this laser technique into minute pieces,  which are then naturally eliminated by the body’s immune system.

Laser Tattoo removal

We are aware that every tattoo is distinctive and requires a customized removal method. Our dermatologist will inspect your tattoo, determine your skin type, and go through your goals during your appointment. This evaluation will help us design a treatment strategy that is unique to you and your needs.

Although laser tattoo removal may be uncomfortable for a short while, most individuals tolerate it well. We may use a topical numbing cream or a cooling device to reduce any potential discomfort to assure your comfort during the treatment. You can suffer little redness, swelling, or moderate blistering in the treated region after each laser tattoo removal session. These side effects go away in a couple of days. To aid in healthy recovery and lower the chance of problems, we will give you comprehensive aftercare instructions.

Make an appointment with Dr. Sneha Kovi if you’re prepared to move forward with getting rid of your undesired tattoo. We will evaluate your tattoo, address your questions, and present you with a customized treatment plan at this appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Everyone feels different levels of pain during laser tattoo removal. Many people compare the feeling to being snapped by a rubber band or experiencing a hot, stinging sensation. However, the discomfort is typically bearable and can be controlled with cooling methods and numbing lotions.

Can laser tattoo removal cause scarring?

Scarring is not a problem when laser tattoo removal is done by a qualified professional using the right tools and techniques. But other things, like poor aftercare, picking at scabs, or pre-existing scarring, can make scarring more likely.

Can I undergo laser tattoo removal if I have a darker skin tone?

Even those with darker skin tones can undergo laser tattoo removal. To reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation, it’s crucial to make sure the laser being used is appropriate for your skin type. In these situations, seeking advice from a qualified professional is essential.

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